Dress Well – Live Well – Earn Your Respect

There’s no substitute for custom suits. With every measurement determined to fit every part of your body as fittingly as it’s supposed to, wearing a custom made suit can and will, make you feel like a true sir. It’s been said by a woman that the “shoes make the man”, well I disagree. I think it’s the suit that makes the man. Put a custom made suit on any man and you’ll see him through eyes that he’s desired to be seen through. It’s logical.



A suit visually turns a man into the better version of him, but once the suit is on, it is up to him to live up to the perceptions that those around him will have.

 You see, it’s not just about looking good in a suit that makes a man feel powerful, proud, and confident. The quality of the suit plays a significant role in ensuring that the man can live up to the suit itself. Quality fabrics are imperative to feeling like a good man that is ready to contribute his knowledge, ideas, and experiences with the world around him.


The patterns that your suit exudes play an important role in the attention that you will attract. Whether it is your significant other, a first impression, or a crowd of family and friends at a special gathering, a custom suit that has been created to mold and shape your body with 30-Point Precision and Acute Detailed Modifications will give you the esteem you deserve by natural law.

 Ultimately in order to be respected while wearing a suit, you need to respect the suit itself by allowing your essence to be fitted just right. Now that you know this secret formula, take these details into consideration while you plan to build an Empire and share the fruits of your labour with the world.

Call Dennis at Empire Customs and tell him LoveThisCity sent you so you can receive a hook up.




Dress Well – Live Well – Earn Your Respect.

By: Marcos Mendosa

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