Does Toronto have a Crime Problem?

Does Toronto have a Crime Problem?

I have one Major question…. Does Toronto have a crime problem?

In many ways you can say Toronto does not have a crime problem if you compare it to cities like Chicago and Detroit. The reason why those two cities are great comparisons is because of the size of the cities and the population, they are pretty much the same size as Toronto and have about the same number of people. Just last year Chicago had 756 murders  and Detroit had 302 while in the city of Toronto we had 76 murders. The one major difference is that Guns are a big part of US culture and those two cities have a dying education system and terrible government funding. Even after you include all of that Toronto still does not stand up as one of the more violent cities. Believe it or not but Toronto is not even in the Top 10 violent cities in Canada. Toronto ranks at number 57 and if you are wondering the most violent city in Canada is Grande Prairie Alberta.

Its kind of funny in a said way because in Canada The Western part of the country is way more violent then the eastern part. The eastern side  of the country has a bigger population with Toronto and Montreal being on the east is the main reason way.  Makes you think why the west is more violent. The real question why does Toronto get more attention nationally when crimes like murder happen. Is it because its the countries biggest city and most know worldwide? Toronto murder rate in 2016 was 76 like I said earlier in the article and in 2017 in the month of July it is at 26 so far. Almost  15 less then we had last year July but do not let those numbers trick you. Toronto has had pretty much the same amount of shootings victims in the month of July at around 55. So What is it? Are the victims just dying less this year? Other crimes like assault, sexual assault, robbery and breaking & entering are all pretty much the same. So to me the real question people should be asking is has Toronto become more violent or are we just paying attention?

The best way to answer that question is wonder how the country in whole has changed when it comes to committing crimes. The sad truth is that the country of Canada has gotten more violent in the last 15 years. With the whole country crime rate going up what do you expect of course the countries biggest city would be affected even though it is safer then most cities in the world and this country. Me personally, I do think Canada has become more violent but I also think the world has become more violent, so if you add that in Canada has stayed the same, that means Toronto has stayed the same. So in other words Toronto does not have a crime problem.

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