DJ Justin James vs Justin James

justin james

DJ Justin James is making it hard for techno artist Justin James. The drama started when DJ Justin James posted in a private “Support Female DJs” group with quite the opportunity for women. The catch was the ridiculous requirements including height, weight, vanity, and nothing involving the actual job for the Asian nightclub. When someone in the group called him out on his BS he responded by rubbing salt into the wound with “If they wanted talented DJs, then they would just hire men.” 

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justin james3

Of course news outlets picked up the story and when Yahoo News reported their “Justin James, World’s Most Hated DJ, Responds to Sexism Scandal in the Worst Way Possible” by posting a picture of the techno artist and since then he’s been receiving hate messages on social media. It took Yahoo 23 hours to fix the epic mistake but the damage was already done. His team is working very hard to clear his name and Yahoo has not admitted to their mistake or clarified the situation. DJ Justin James also hasn’t retracted his statement. One thing is definitely clear that DJ Justin James is making things really hard for all the other Justin James’ out there. With that said who’s your favorite female DJ?


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