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When you think of hard bass, a nice underground tech-house scene – where you can dance in a intimate dark room surrounded by fellow bass-heads and tech-house lovers, Footwork is definitely a venue that comes to mind! This weekend is their closing celebration “The Last Dance”, the doors of Footwork on 425 Adelaide West will be closing. But not all is lost – Stephan Philion and Joel Smye put rumors to rest reassuring us anxious party-goers and music lovers that this decision is not due to noise complaints nor is it a permanent goodbye. Think of it as a facelift for Footwork – keeping true to the dark underground that everyone loves so much about Footwork Philion and Smye are moving the party to a bigger venue (with the Annex Wreckroom rumored to be the choice).

Come out this Friday and Saturday to party for the last time on Footwork’s 425 Adelaide dancefloor.



By: Gosia Mrugala
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