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During Halloween, Canada’s wonderland takes it to new depths as it creates mind blowing spooky mazes with scary creatures to entice your imagination to breathtaking rides. There are ten mazes for you to walk through, three themed area’s and spooky shows that will have something for everyone.

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They reinvent the grounds with spooky music, scary decorations and over the top ambiance with three new mazes added to their collection of terrifying mazes. One of the returning mazes is the “terror of London” the stage is set for there most scary haunt to date they have recreated one of the most terrifying events in history. They are taking us back to 1888 London and allows us to retrace the steps of one of the most notorious cases in history that will leave the participates with gut wrenching fear.

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One of the new mazes this year is “The Sci-Fi House” For those of you who love sci-fi this will be for sure up your alley. The Wilson’s are your typical family from the outside, they look like the perfect family until the lights go out and we get thrown into a world of creepy aliens and dangerous monsters this is sure to send chills down your spine. Next is “ The Ruins” it takes us back to the 19th century to an archeologist trek to the ruins of a terrifying and fear dropping massacre with spooky monsters just waiting for their chance to claim a new victim.

Let’s venture into the mountain with “Louisiana Scream” thunder run will now host the Louisiana bayou and all its residents. The residents have always been warned to not venture to far out of the water’s edge. There beyond the edge lies a scary dark place where the whispers in the air are for sure to send you into a terrifying tailspin and where your imagination take hold of you. Those who are swept into the bayou maybe driven mad and never find their way back.

Halloween Haunt is an event that started way back in 2005 and has grown to be one of the most successful Halloween events in Canada. No matter what you are looking for this Halloween there is something for everyone to entice and push our imagination that will send shockwaves through are systems.

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By: Selena Harris

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