Campstock Festival 2013


Imagine being at a wild frat party and an epic music festival at the same time. On August 23-25, Campstock Party Festival 2013 will make this insane idea come to life. Jam-packed with banging DJ talent, rocking bands and countless party & sport activities. This weekend is for those who’ve always dreamed of the ultimate spring break experience…except in the summer. This is going to be WILD!

First of all, let’s break down the party experience that is being offered at this festival. The amount of fun activities is jaw dropping. Attendees get to enjoy the following:

Paint Party
Water volleyball
This is Spartaaa! (Gladiator Competition)
Obstacle Course Race
Pool Activities
Slip’N Slide
Oil Wrestling
The Beach
Xtreme Karaoke
Xtreme Eating Competition
Campstock Eatathon
Pants Off! Dance off!
Mr. & Miss Campstock
Flip Cup Tourney
CS Pong Tourney
Blackjack War
Dizzy Bat
Wet T-Shirt Contest
Feats of Strength
Hula Race
Potato Sack Race
Wheel Barrel Race
Egg Toss
Balloon Stomp

As you can see from the unbelievable list of party activities, this festival goes to the extent of combing picnics, house parties, carnivals, raves, music festivals, summer camps and beaches into one outrageously fun event. Boldly going where no music festival has gone before, this party is something you don’t want to miss out on.

Not even touching on the amazing soundtrack of the party yet, here is the line-up of talented DJs and bands performing throughout the weekend:

Joe Ghost
Dr. Ozi
Neon Knights
Shaun Frank
Chris Dorman
Destroy Productions
+ more

The Johnstones
Thought Beneath Film
Stuck on Planet Earth
Fire & Sound
The Affair
Mumbai Standstill
+ more

With a line-up stacked with the hottest up & coming artists across North America, this party will be a guaranteed blast. Whether you feel like raving or just jamming out to a good band, you’ll always have a stage to party hard at. Grab your exclusive ticket at and come out to Dundalk, Ontario for a party-hardy experience of a lifetime!

By: Alix Nikulka

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