Hello Entrepreneurs,Hustlers&Wealth Seekers.I am Wassim.H also known as Mr.W. National Sales Manager   @Cardone University . Business development Consultant with BrandM3dia + Entrepreneurial Writer(Blogger) with LoveThisCityTV.

The Reason for this post is to share with you : 5 Lessons learned from“Build your Empire 2016” 

Having the privilege to learn from the great like Gary.V , Grant Cardone and Kevin Harrington & Working with hundreds of Business professional ,combined with my own life experiences .

I learned few things like :

1-You are the average of 5 people around you

2-If Nobody Knows you , You don’t exist

3-If you don’t learn how to get Attention and convert it to an exchange of Value , Life will be difficult

I want to WIN.That’s why I love going to Networking events,meeting New people , Learning from success hungry Entrepreneurs like myself with one Goal on my mind : GET OUT FROM OBSCURITY

Toronto 2016 was rich in events ,but one of the greatest event I attended this year was “BUILD YOUR EMPIRE 2016”

Christy Primmer organized a small intimate event with big Giants.

Here are 5 lessons why you need to attend the next Build your empire 2017 :

1-Lesson 1 from Caleb Maddix : 14 years old Kid , CEO of his own company , Soon to be Millionaire . Named top 10 Motivational Speaker Worldwide . Interviewed by PowerPlayers like Grant Cardone , Gary V  , Kevin Harrigton on MentorstoMillion and soon will share the Stage with Tony Robbins  . Spoke about the importance of Social Media in his life and how it helped achieve success .In the Q&A session .He talked about Fear of controversy and how it can limit your success online. He also added that being politically correct is not always the best option  . Check out Video

2-Lesson 2 from Matt Maddix . Nominated Father of the Year by Caleb, Matt touched on the subject of what being an expert means today. He stated that followers need to see results .

He shared 10 ways to be an expert and 3 mistakes to avoid . Here is a few :

  • ·         Think Bigger
  • ·         Write a book / Start a Blog
  • ·         Speak on stage
  • ·         Be Obsessed with Results

Check Video

3-Lesson 3 from Melyssa Moniz : 6 Steps to Master your Personal Brand

Melyssa spoke about the importance of First impression . The 5 sec Rule . In the 21 Century.It takes less than 15 Sec to be Judged.Ruthless ? Yes . It’s only Human nature . With 6 Steps ,You’ll get what you want from your Business and your personal life . By mastering your brand,you can master your Sales.

Lesson 4 from Kevin Huhn : With an extensive Hockey Coach Background . Kevin demonstrated an interesting way to do Business . Author of Hockey.Ology , he shared his wisdom about the importance of Branding in all Business including Hockey . He also told the story about a family trip in the Canadian West Coast,transformed into Back to Back TV and Media interviews .

Lesson 5 from Jenn Scalia  single mom went from rock bottom to creating a 7 figure business within 3 years. Known for her tough love, no­-B.S. style, Jenn helps entrepreneurs overhaul their biggest fears and empowers them to share their message with the world

That was : 5 Lessons learned from“Build your Empire 2016” .

Have you seen enough to make a decision to never miss it again ? Here is one more

Christy Primmer : Host of Build your empire 2016 . Best selling author and CEO of Primetimecs . This Lady is an inspiration . She has a Great message she want to share to the world .

Check it out 


Build your empire 2016 was an incredible event . Lot of Lessons , Aha Moments . Because of this opportunity, I made Great Connections with Powerful people . These Entrepreneurs want to share a message with you :

Caleb Maddix : Here

Melyssa & Kevin : Here

Christie : Here

This was Mr.W from LoveThisCityTV /Toronto . My Job is to get your attention on what matters in the World of Entrepreneurship , Business & Money .

Until Next time

Be Great

Thank you


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