Bestival Toronto 2016 Woodbine Park – Recap

Bestival Toronto 2016 – Recap 

Natalie Pereira | June 16th, 2016

Bestival Lineup

This Festival has started with a bang in Toronto, bringing a variety of talent and extravagant weekends to the 6ix. Bestival was the latest of events to grace Toronto with a variety of talent, and Love This City was there to soak it all in.

Bestival 2016 wasn’t just your average concert experience; but like a journey to be explored. Located at Woodbine Park, Bestival boasted three unique stages, an incredible lineup and endless activities/stations to check out. Doors opened at noon all weekend, and after making it through security, you were exposed to a world of it’s own. Not only did Bestival do a fantastic job of emphasizing the importance of music and stage production, but they surpassed expectations by creating an overall experience for its attendees.

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Each stage had a different set-up, music lineup, and type of energy around it. Bestival’s main stage consisted of big names like Odesza and Tame Impala on Saturday, following with Grimes and The Cure on Sunday. The main stage remained relaxed and simple with the design, perfectly suiting the crowd’s energy, and not taking away any attention from the artists on stage.

To the left of the main stage, was the Big Top – easy recognizable, and intriguing from afar. The ground inside was perfect for shuffling (minus a few muddy patches), and provided lots of space to bop around. Porter Robinson closed out the tent on Saturday with his long-awaited Worlds tour, leaving fans satisfied after last year’s weather cancellation at Digital Dreams.

The Bollywood Stage made it’s return to this years festival, to everyone’s delight. The stage was decorated with colourful architecture based on Indian culture, and crazy pyrotechnic additions on each side. Techno bumped through the speakers all day, making it an ideal location to either a) zone out with your friends or b) grab a drink and enjoy the view.

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At every crook and corner of the venue, there was something to see or do. Whether you witnessed a marriage in the Inflatable Church, or ran into Silver Elvis and his Rocket Car, Bestival made sure that you didn’t leave without a handful of memories, and photo opportunities. Bestival ran it’s second year in Toronto with great success, leaving attendees hungry for what next year will bring.


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