Online shopping is like buying yourself a present and stalking the mail carrier until said present arrives. There’s nothing worse than outrageous shipping fees or customs issues that’s why we rounded up some of the best clothing shops in Canada. No more customs issues and no more crazy shipping fees.

Blame Betty

Blame Betty just screams vintage pin up and we can’t help but to love their fierce electrifying pieces. (Shop the look)

Boutique 1861

Boutique 1861 is like Modcloth but in Canada. Enjoy a little peace knowing there’s a vintage spot near you and you don’t have to worry about crazy shipping or it getting lost in the mail. (Shop the look)

Dress 911

Canadian site Dress 911 is so awesome that if you’re not satisfied you don’t have to pay extra for returns. That’s confidence! Don’t be fooled by the name, they’re more than dresses. (Shop the look)


Yes, Roots is legendary for their crazy selection of leather but Roots is notorious for all things cozy sweatpants and sweat shirts. You’ll definitely be warm come autumn messing around with Roots but your wallet may also be empty by the time you’re finished. (Shop the look)

Forever 21 Canada

Forever 21 is notorious for fast fashion and having the worst return policies ever but on the bright side, they’re shipping is pretty nice in Canada and you get just as great of an experience as you would in the states. (Shop the look)

Fall shopping doesn’t have to suck especially when you know that shipping is a breeze. What’s your favorite Canadian online shop? What style are you looking forward to this fall?