Best Mac and Cheese Spots in the Six

It’s National Mac and Cheese Day! Pretty much everyone can agree that mac and cheese is golden goodness and can enjoy the mix of noodles and golden gooey goodness. In celebration of this golden holiday we’ve rounded up some of the hottest and most flavorful mac and cheese spots in Toronto.

Bobie Sue’s

162 Ossington Ave

Photo Credit: Bobbie Sue’s Facebook Page

Bobbie Sue’s may be small is size but it’s jam packed with flavor. Get your mac and cheese fix any way you want including a vegan version. Also enjoy unique mac and cheese flavors like curry, pulled pork, and buffalo blue mac and cheese to name a few. Sure, it’s only takeout but everywhere you go everyone will ask where you got your mac and goodness from.


696 Queen Street East

Photo Credit: Prohibition Facebook Page

If mac and cheese was ever outlawed we’d stock up on Prohibition’s mac and cheese! They don’t believe in doing anything basic either this mac and cheese is comfort food heaven! Enjoy the mac and cheese packed with Gruyere, sharp cheddar, smoked bacon, truffle cream, Roquefort and brioche crust!

Cut the Cheese

2901 Dundas Street

How can a restaurant with cheese in the name go wrong? They believe in bold flavors like their Mad Apple which consists of Granny Smith Apple and Cheddar Mac and Cheese topped with Frosted Flaked in a waffle bowl. Ordering the basic mac and cheese here is frowned upon but you’ll enjoy it down to the last bite if you do.

The Gabardine

372 Bay Street

The Gabardine takes two things that everyone loves and elevates them by putting them together. This is not your mother’s mac and cheese as it’s topped with smoked ham and married all together with a crispy breadcrumb crust. Forget it as a side dish because this mac and cheese totally becomes the star of the meal. Whoever said mac and cheese couldn’t be a main course dish never tried The Gabardine.

This isn’t all of the best mac and cheese spots in Toronto but it definitely gives you somewhere to start on where to go when you need your cheesy fix. What’s your favourite mac and cheese spot?


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