Best Infinity Pools in the World

Best Infinity Pools in the World

There’s nothing like travelling the four corners of the earth and be able to sit, relax and catch some rays in some of the worlds best infinity pools. It’s definitely should be something to put on your voyaging bucket list and we’ve got all the details as we list the top 10 in the world.

10: Crown Metropol, Melbourne
CrownMetropol.Melbourne.lovethiscitytv (Photo Cred:

Next time you’re in Melbourne, be sure to check out their outdoor styled swimming pool, with several lawn chairs on the side for your next vacation. This sleek looking interior will surely keep your mind off things as you can enjoy your swim in a glassed panned room, giving you a full view of the outside world.

9: Marina Bay Sands Hotel and Casino, Singapore
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Being in the sun and humidity all day is exhausting and can surely take a beating to the body. Why not refresh yourself by taking a dip in this pool – 57 floors up in the air. As the sun sets and lights begin to highlight all the buildings across the city, its an unforgettable site to take in.

8: Kempinski Hotel Ishtar
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This is definitely one of those must see places when travelling. The resort is right by the Dead Sea in Jordan. Little information about the dead sea, it’s the deepest hyper saline lakes in the world, meaning it’s the most saltiest. It has such a harsh environment that it’s impossible for any sea life to survive. Imagine sitting at the edge of the infinity pool and staring off into still, zen scenery where there is nothing but peace and serenity.

7: Ubud Hotel & Resort, Bali
UbudHotelandResort.Bali.lovethiscitytv (Photo Cred:

Imagine being surrounded by nothing but nature. Ubud Hanging Gardens is a place to relax with mother nature. The Hanging Infinity Pool is a multi-layered attraction which is famously known world-wide to be one of most perfect spots for a get away.

6: Grace Santorini, Greece
Grace Santorini.Greece.lovethiscitytv (Photo Cred:

We all know the life style in Europe is very luxurious. The Grace Santorini Hotel provides a beautiful pool that not only looks over the Caldera, but provides you with a yummy cocktail or a light meal for you to enjoy on either pool sides. Sounds intriguing doesn’t it.

5: Sheraton, Waikiki
sheraton_waikiki_lovethiscitytv (Photo Cred:

Hawaii is one of the best places on earth to catch some sun and create some memories. The Sheraton is a modern monument right at the oceanfront. It’s a place to enjoy the sun, take a nice dip in the pool while enjoying the beauty of the Pacific Ocean.

4: Honshu, Japan
Japaninfinitypool.lovethiscitytv (Photo Cred:

This infinity-styled indoor pool and hot spring will leave your mind at harmony. Having a glass wall, you’re able to see outside and take in the scenery as you look over a lake and Mount Fuji in the distance. The Japanese sure know how to unwind, don’t you want a taste of that?

3: Paradise Pool, The Maldives
infinitypoolmaldives.lovethiscitytv (Photo Cred:

This magnificent Resort will leave you completely speechless, surrounded by the Indian Ocean, Paradise Island will make you feel like you’re on cloud 9. After a quick dip, you can lay down on a lawn chair and have fabulous sun-kissed skin in no time. Let your mind escape as you are miles away from the world and in total vacation mode.

2: The Cambrian Hotel Adelboden, Switzerland
TheCambrianHotel.Switzerland.lovethiscitytv (Photo Cred:

High up in the Swiss Mountains, there’s plenty of slopes to ski down, trails to bike on and a pool you will not stop swimming in. The infinity Pool over looks the beautiful mountains and gives a crisp fresh breath of air. An experience you don’t want to miss.

1: Tat Kuang Si Waterfall. Luang Prabang, Laos
tatkuangsiwaterfall.lovethiscitytv (Photo Cred:

Last but not least, one of the most zen place you can swim in. This natural infinity pool, which is located in Laos; north of Thailand, provides miles and miles of forestry and land. Surrounded by mother nature at her best. The ultimate get away from the world.

By: Jenny Liang
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