Best Dessert Places in Toronto

Best Dessert Places in Toronto2


Good things come to those who wait. Whoever said that must have had desserts on their mind. Once the hustle and bustle of the main course is done, the evening comes to an end. What better way to give the evening a sweet ending than desserts? Thankfully, here in Toronto, you will have a sweet headache. What to have for desserts and where? Read on and make a choice.

 1. Nadège


Located at 780 Queen Street West, Toronto Nadège serves up treats for both your eyes and your s

Located at 780 Queen Street West, Toronto Nadège serves up treats for both your eyes and your sweet tooth. A menu that is ‘oh so French’, Nadège serve croissants, cake, macaroons and their own chunky and creamy chocolate collection. While they also serve fresh sandwiches and salads, their desserts are what truly stand out. Check out their elegantly sweet colourful servings and looks so good, that you will want to take them as souvenirs! Thankfully, they have takeaways so you can do that too.


2. Cafe Princess


Staying true to its name, Cafe Princess is meant to make you feel like one. The decor is cute, cozy and relaxing, while the handmade menus add a personalised touch to the wonderful ambience. This menu has some interesting choices. There are parfaits, waffles, chocolate fondue, different flavours of cheese cakes and fudge cakes in addition to a whole lot of hot and cold beverages. You could also get inventive and experiment by trying the green tea sherbet or even the sweet potato latte.




3. Kekou Gelato

3Head over to Kekou Gelato for highly Asian inspired gelatos with flavours as unique as sesame, with green tea gelato among others. This cute little eatery located at 13 Baldwin Street could become your go-to place every time you want to try something new. ‘What’s new?’ you ask. Well, the gelato flavours are some of which a lot of us have never heard of or tried. Examples of these rare delicacies are Vietnamese coffee, red bean white chocolate, tsing tao peach, durian, spicy salted pineapple, etc. It does get quite crowded in the evenings so head in early and try them all!










 4. Ed’s Real Scoop


Ice creams, gelatos, sorbets, yogurts – head on to Ed’s Real Scoop for a scoop on all things ice cream. Ice creams in cones, in cups, in waffles, in cakes. Ice cream sundaes, milk shakes, ice cream float – you think of anything ice cream and they have it. No additives, no preservatives, everything is homemade and a friendly atmosphere has given Ed’s Real Scoop the reputation it deserves. Head right in for all things ice cream.









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