Love this City TV chats with the Dutch producer after his latest EP release ‘Aviar Alom’


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Amsterdam based producer Mees Dierdorp is a known name in Europe, and now a name that has been showing up just about every where around the world. With a unique and fresh approach to house music, he maintains a mature resonance which is always a pleasure to see in young producers.  With a deep emotional and personal connection to all of his music, he has created a soulful and majestic collection of stories and poetry filled with beautiful instrumentals, tantalizing melodies, and just a touch of those sultry vocals that everyone loves.  His music is artistic, innovative, and full of relatable inspiration which is evident in all of his releases.



Photo Credit – EP-Works | Photography & Creatives

His debut album in 2013 ‘Wild Window’ captivated just about anyone who heard it and when Mees released his ‘Talkin Bout’ EP on Poesie Music last month it left a sound in our minds we wanted to hear more of. It was simple music, yet with so many elements that he blended perfectly with his soothing groove and infectious basslines. He creates music that takes us to place of imagination and makes us reminisce about love, freedom, happiness, and everything else that good music should. On October 13th, Mees followed up with the ‘Aviar Alom’ EP on Eskimo Records and the 2 track release definitely didn’t disappoint. Poetry and emotion shine through with each of his productions and his use instrumentals mixed in with an array of infectious melodies and instantly contagious basslines lures us in beginning to end of both tracks.




We had the pleasure of chatting with Mees Dierdorp following the release of ‘Aviar Alom’ and we wanted to get to know the person who is behind the creation of what we can see setting the standards for quality modern deep house.


LTC: Tell us a little bit about your start as a producer in Amsterdam and being based out of a city that is such a staple in global music?


Amsterdam has always been a big inspiration for me: I could write a book about my development and growing up in a big dance-city, but for me it all started with the sounds of the scratching of vinyl. After doing that with my grandmothers’ turntable, a friend of mine gave me a computer program with which I could alter my recorded sounds and compose real songs. In that time I also saved enough money to replace the old turntable with well working equipment. While going out a lot to enjoy my favorite artists and DJ’s, at the end I missed listening to the club-music when I was in my home, sitting on my couch to relax: I now try to make music which is suitable for the club, but with enough organic atmospheres and musicality so that it is suitable for listening to it at home as well. And Amsterdam keep on inspiring me, besides my personal developments and working with other great artists of course



LTC: Where is your haven to create music and what are some of the things that inspire you to get to the mind space where you create such emotional music?


In life I try to be open-minded and grateful: We live in a part of the world where there is enough food and peace, so we have enough time and opportunity’s to look at even the smallest things in life. Inspiration comes from so many different sides: walking to the park and see people who are in love, taking some time off with friends to enjoy nature, seeing a beautiful girl who is unnecessary insecure about her body, seeing a guy having a fight with a bus-driver, a homeless man playing the guitar like an angel, greedy pigeons battling for a piece of cake… I think as an artist when you open your senses and are not afraid of different emotions and communicate them, inspiration is everywhere.



LTC: What is some of your favourite equipment to use while producing, what couldn’t you live without?


Real instruments, a keyboard and a microphone for sure. I love to record my own sounds: everybody could download the latest VST-awesomeness, but with your own sample pack you can create an atmosphere which is very personal. I also love the guitar, a bass as well as acoustic. Or the Prophet 08, man what a sound, and what about a solid sound card? There are just so many things which create beautiful sounds, but to keep it short: a microphone gives me the most uniqueness and inspiration to do crazy stuff and make personal music.



LTC: Tell us about starting your MEES imprint label back in 2012, what vision are you trying to conveying through your labels music and what does the label mean to you?


When I decided to show my work to the world, I got very good reactions from some of the biggest labels. But in the end, they were a bit conservative: they wanted to pull my album apart and release it in EP’s. I did not agree: the people for whom I play react very positive to for example the poetry. The open minds of party people should not be underestimated, so I started a crowd funding to get my album alive: as it was meant for me, in a whole, complete story. I’m very grateful for all the lovely souls which supported me at that time, and I consider myself lucky the album was picked up by the DC10 and Fusion festival for example. For me MEES Records is a place for unique arts: artist who are not afraid to explore boundaries and even go beyond that point. It’s a place for the poetry side of dance. Currently we are working on another poetry EP, and also some collaborations with visual artists.


LTC: Poetry and story telling is so evident in all of your releases, what was the inspiration behind the ‘Aviar Alom’ EP?


Inspiration for tracks and titles often come from people I meet, and experiences I remember with goosebumps. I had a crush on a girl at Fusion festival, a crush you can have at a special place, more like a short summer-love. I knew it was only for that moment for both of us, but I wanted to capture that moment in a track. The title was created when one of my oldest friends stayed over for a weekend last year. This wonderful being turned deaf when she was 12 years old and experiences music in a different way nowadays: through touch and feeling. When I was working on this song she entered the room with her always delightful smile and shouted: Aviar Alom!”


LTC: It’s so nice to see when producers develop a video along with their tracks and with such a creative and beautiful video like you did for ‘Smile for You’ do you think you will continue create videos and what is the importance of visuals to accompany your music?


Thank you! All the credits to the video go to the amazing artist Sandra Kaas. A beautiful girl with a very original taste and energy: She asked me if she could do a video for my track Smile for You, and very enthusiastic I gave her total freedom of space and art. We did a little bit of editing together; I think a music video must be in line with the rhythm of a track for a big part, to really stimulate different senses in harmony.  I’m very happy with our collaboration and I think/hope there will be more in the future, currently I’m also working on 2 new video clips, more info soon…


LTC: You have already played some of the top European events like Circo Loco at the infamous DC10 in Ibiza and the renowned Fusion Festival in Germany and all over your homeland of the Netherlands, what are some of the most memorable shows you have played and where are some of the spots you would love to play at in the future?


The DC10 and Fusion were phenomenal of course, two of my most favorite places on earth!  Besides that my album release party organized with my friends from Overvloed was really amazing: in a temporary basement-club in Amsterdam the crowd was so warm and open for a new poetic dance-sound. Also this summer was just crazy, one highlight after another, all so different but with their own vibes… For example my first time in Poland’s Warsaw: I think the scene is pretty new there and people don’t have much experience with this music, but they know how to party for sure! And then there was Shoeless in Amsterdam where I did a set at the main stage, unforgettable… And the Larz hosting with the circus people from Thuishaven, and Ritter Butzke, 3000grad, Alter Ego… and and and… Just to much to mention right now… In a year we’ll see which ones stick the most in my memory! For the future: I’m visiting London in November for the first time, and I’d love to play at Burning Man one day… Also a tour to Australia and maybe India would be possible some day? There is just so much to explore and create still…


(check out his DC10- Circo Loco set here)



LTC: With both of your latest EP releases being so greatly admired what do you have in the works to keep your fans captivated and what should we look out for?


I have the feeling I’m just getting started, I have a lot of plans with Live-artists and since I am an autodidact, I think my music keeps evolving. I’m never done learning! There are a couple of genres I didn’t much listen to when I was little, for example Opera and Hard-rock. Now I’m working with an Opera singer, hard rock guitarist and Jazz pianist, to melt the world of perfection (classical music), improvisation (jazz), rawness (rock) and modern electronic sounds with subtle swings. But I’m also working on some remixes from producers I admire, and I have some harder floor bangers almost ready for releasing. Much more to come, much more to learn, much more to do…



 LTC: Where do you see your music in 5 years and what other producers would you love to work with along the way?


I think there is enough room for exploring my ideas musically: filling the bridge between the club and couch. There is still enough work to be done! But I never know what will cross my path: Trying to stay open for collaborations and don’t plan to much… There are some other producers which inspire me a lot: Rampue, Pupkullies and Rebecca, Tale of Us, Nicolas Jaar… We have some plans I can’t say too much about at this moment, but we’ll see what comes out of it the upcoming year.


It was such a pleasure getting to know the man behind such beautiful music. We are looking forward to hearing more of Mees Dierdorp.


Article and Interview By: Christina Schmidt


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