Adventurous Things to do in Toronto

Movies and concerts can be a bit meh! Adventure is right around the corner when it comes to Toronto. We’ve rounded up six activities that will put your happy hours to shame.

Hamster Fun

First, I was all what is Hamster Fun? Why is it called Hamster Fun? Then I visited their website and was all, whoa! This looks like the definition of awesome. Technically it’s zorbing but Hamster Fun sounds like a better name. Get into an inflatable ball and enjoy rolling around like a crazy hamster and we can’t promise there won’t be bruises but we’re sure there will be great times. (Site)

Mysteriously Yours Murder Mystery

At first it sounds like any other dinner until around dessert time you’re introduced to the characters and then someone dies. Participate and immerse yourself with friends into a whodunnit Clue like experience. Solve the case and win a prize. It’ll definitely leave you full of laughter and suspense. (Site)

Tasty Tours

Why eat at just one Toronto restaurant when you can tour a few sweet restaurants as a part of a Tasty Tour? Brush up on you Toronto history while sampling some of the best of what Toronto has to offer. Tasty Tours are so sure you’ll love the experience that they promise if you’re not in love with the quality of their tours then you’re promised your money back. (Site)

Captive Escape Rooms

Gather your friends and test your friendships and patience as you work together to solve physical and logical puzzles to escape the room. It’s challenging but it’s also very entertaining with a great group of people. With an array of themes to choose from there will definitely be stories to tell afterwards. (Site)

Archery District Toronto

May the odds be ever in your favor as you gather your squad and go head to head in archery tag. What is archery tag you ask? It’s like laser tag but with bows and foam arrows. Divide in teams and conquer the challenge of being the best of the best! (Site)

There’s nothing wrong with happy hour. Hey! You can go out and cheers to after surviving some of the craziest experiences in Toronto.


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