Abstract Insomnia


Three-in-one. That’s what Insomnia is all about. But you don’t know it until you’re in and walk down the entire length of the narrow restaurant. Three “eateries” in one, that is. Located at the corner of Bathurst and Bloor, just inside the Annex, (and ironically opposite Amnesia), Insomnia is known for their delicious brunch and late-night eats. Think fish, smoked chicken or pulled pork tacos to snack on or a hearty wild mushroom and lentil shepherd’s pie.


To your right after you enter the restaurant is a nook that can only be described as a small French café with small tables that can fit up to 4 comfortably, small chairs and people nibbling on some fried calamari or sipping on a yummy Chocolate Martini.

A little further down and still to the right is the bar, nice and long with a wall of all the rum, rye and vodka they use to make their famous signature drinks. How does the “Raging Bull” sound? A nice twist to the famous “vodka-cran” except it’s made with raspberri vodka, red bull and cranberry juice.


Opposite the bar is a second dining area, semi-booth style set against an exposed brick wall.

A little further down lies a wicked alcove that’s painted a different colour (black) altogether and resembles a bookstore-coffee lounge combination.

Adorning all walls of the restaurant are creations by different artists – each wall dedicated to one artist for a month at a time so that everyone gets their “15 seconds of fame.”



But we want to bring your attention back to the exposed brick wall (you know, the one opposite the bar). This is where the featured artist of month, Sarah Terrill, gives us some insight into her canvas through her Abstract Expressions. We met this paintbrush sensation a few months ago at her vibrant show in the east (Queen East).

With fresh new pieces, Sarah really knows how to brighten up a place even in the dim mood-lighting of the restaurant.


As usual, her pieces unintentionally tell a story. Like the ever-popular “Lotus” which now also comes in gold and just speaks to the simplicity of any room. We enjoy the show in the “Stillness” of the night, among friends, family and art lovers as Sarah brings us “Night Visions” that will sure have us stay “Up All Night” in the quintessence of Insomnia.

Global comfort food, 50 different martinis, great art and nightly DJs – not a bad place to hang out on a Sunday night.


Sarah’s art will be on display at Insomnia until mid-October. What are you waiting for? Go grab a bite (there’s some steak and frites with your name on them) and claim your piece (of her art) now!







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