6 Taco Spots to Check out in The Six

Tacos aren’t just for Tuesdays if they’re jammed with enough flavor tacos are an everyday thing. Toronto doesn’t have a shortage of taco spots either. We rounded up our top six spots that we could eat all day every day. Say goodbye to Taco Tuesday because you’re going to want to try them all.

Seven Lives Tacos

69 Kensington Ave.

This cash only taqueria serves everything from Baja-style tacos to seafood tacos. You’ll want to absolutely set up shop and become a regular at this spot. With names like the Gobernador we want to try them all.

Grand Electric

1330 Queen Street

Grand Electric is known for their spices. They believe in spices and don’t skimp on packing the fresh flavors in to their tacos. The crazy thing is they don’t just do tacos they have a little bit of everything for everyone. If you haven’t checked this place out yet we apologize in advance it’s going to be your favorite.

Mad Mexican

405 Jane Street

Two words: house guacamole. That’s all we needed to know to show up. One visit to Mad Mexican will have you mad that you haven’t checked it out sooner. From burritos to tacos and nachos, they have something you like. What’s better than a flavor filled taco and a margarita to unwind? We’ll wait!


2222A Queen Street East

Ceviche, guacamole, brisket tacos…we’re hungry just thinking about all of it! We want to order everything off the menu and just stare at it as if was a work of art but we know it’s too yummy for photos. You’ll be stunned by their variety of guacamole and margaritas. Those are two of our favorite words.

Taco Al Asador

689 Bloor Street

Taco Asador may be simple in décor but they’re complex when it comes to flavor. It’s cozy and casual and their tacos and tamales are a party for your taste buds. They even have a few vegetarian options so it’s equal opportunity flavor for everyone.

Tacos 101

101 Dundas Street East

Tacos 101 knows that sometimes simple is better and they don’t need gimmicks when their food is packed with layer after layer of flavors. According to their website their tacos is what other tacos dream about. They most definitely earned their bragging rights as they know flavor.

This isn’t all the great taco spots just our favorites right now. There could only be six but we just got you started on your very own taco tour. What’s your favorite taco spot? Did it make this list?



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