6 Baking Hacks

Sometimes you want more yum in your life but life gets busy and you don’t want to bake. Look around Pinterest and you’ll discover there are some pretty clever bakers out there that’ll make your life easier. For instance, before Pinterest we had no idea that you could soup up a boxed cake to the point where it’s yours afterwards. Here are a few tips to get you in the kitchen and out with some enjoyable decadent desserts.

1. Add an extra egg to your boxed cake


Adding an extra egg to your boxed cake will make it fluffier and more moist (we know you hate that word but it’s true). Fool all your friends and call it yours. Even get a little fancy and cut up some fresh fruit to put in the cake mix. They won’t even know you didn’t slave in the kitchen to make it.

2. If you don’t have icing get a little creative


So you made cupcakes and you forgot icing there are some ways to spruce up your cakes. The first one involves taking lace and powdered sugar. Pour the powdered sugar through the lace and the design will impress the pickiest of eaters. Also caramel is also an option all you need is brown sugar, vanilla, and lots of butter and some fruit bring it to a boil and stir it and bam you have fruit caramel and it’s tasty! If you’re interested in the lazy way marshmallows make for great frosting. Simply place a large marshmallow on your cupcakes during the last five minutes and you have marshmallow icing.

3. No Food Coloring No Problem


If you have no food coloring it’s not a problem because Jello works just as great! Turns out Jello is food coloring and you can’t tell the difference. Who would’ve thought so? This was a new one for us.

4. Make Next Level Cookies

Sprinkle coarse sea salt over your chocolate chip cookies before baking them and your guests will be puzzled to how you gave them sweet and salty. Also bake your cookies in a muffin tin and they’ll be all uniformed and fresh. Friends will think you bought them and you probably did but no one has to know that.

5. Decorate with Sprinkles and a Cookie Cutter


If you lack a steady hand like I do, you can always clean up your sub par icing job with a cookie cutter and sprinkles. Take the cookie cutter pour in the sprinkles and you’re a pro all of a sudden. You’re welcome!

6. No Rolling Pin No Problem

If you don’t have a rolling pin we’re totally sure you may have a wine bottle or a vodka bottle will do. Simply sub it in and voila! Whatever you need is as flat as a pancake (hopefully not that flat unless you’re making crepes and if then kuddos to you).

What’s your favorite baking hack?


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