5 Ways to get Free Drinks at the Bar/Club

Going out to the bar/club on a weekend is fun – BUT – can be extremely expensive. Here are a few personal tips from one gal to the next on how to score a few free drinks on your next night out!

1. Go out with one other girl – Often times a guys that are out will go with just one other guy or if they’re in a group they know that one of their friends is the designated wingman. With that being said, if you spend the entire night surrounded by a group of girls, the chances of having guys offer to buy you a drink drastically decreases. Show up with a close girl friend and you’re bound to have a few couple of guys come up to talk to you both.


2. Wear matching outfits – Some girls aren’t too keen on wearing matching outfits with friends when they go out, but I use it to my advantage whenever possible. Wearing the exact same thing or something very similar allows for two guys to approach you with an easy topic to start talking about and this often times leads to free drinks for the both of you!

IMG_68233. Chill by the bar – I’ve noticed from the times I’ve gone out and been offered drinks, it usually happens when I’m walking past the bar or going with a friend to buy a drink. So next time you go to the bar to grab a drink, take a look around and situate yourself next to a few guys. You’ve probably got yourself a 50/50 shot that they’ll notice you and offer to buy your drink as well.


4. Be upfront – So you’re on the dance floor with your friends and maybe there are a few guys around that have caught your attention. Dance with them a bit and then go in for the kill – whisper in their ear: “Let’s go do a shot!!” I’d say 9/10 times the guy will go straight to the bar and pay for your drinks.


5. The birthday pin – Every girl knows what I’m talking about – that $1 birthday pin you got from Dollarama to wear out on your special night. The thing is that you’re most likely not using the pin to your full advantage. The birthday pin can be used any weekend – whether its your birthday or not – to grab the attention of many men. The pin gives guys an easy way to start a conversation with you and its rude of them not to buy you a birthday shot! (Disclaimer: be careful not to wear the birthday pin out too frequently in one city or you might be outted for lying about your birthday).


I hope you ladies put these tricks to use and get yourself free drinks this weekend! And to all the men reading this – I guess you now know how to spot a chick only looking for free drinks – oops!


Cheers xx

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