15 Adventurous Things To Do This Summer

Summer time is an awesome time of the year to go out, enjoy the outdoors and adventure/try new things. The weather is warmer, the sun is usually shining, and generally people are just happier. Even though partying, going to patios to drink, clubbing, and going to bars are all fun to do, sometimes going on a little adventure is just what you need in the summer! Here are 15 fun and adventurous ideas that you could do this year in the summer time, and possibly try something you never have. All of these activities can be done within the city of toronto or close to it. There’s no excuse, make this summer your most adventurous one yet!

1. Go to Canada’s Wonderland


If you’re feeling slightly adventurous, Canada’s Wonderland is a good place to start. There are tons of fun, and thrilling rides to choose from. Even if heights aren’t your thing, there’s something for everyone at Canada’s Wonderland and it’s all around an awesome outdoor experience in the summer.

2. Visit the falls and hike in Niagara Falls


I always say that everyone must see the falls at least once in their lifetime. Being in Niagara Falls is not only breathtaking, but there is also lots to see and do. Near by the falls there are forested areas with places to hike and you can also visit other tourist attractions such as the butterfly museum close by.

3. Explore the Scarborough Bluffs


The Scarborough Bluffs are an awesome place to take an adventure this summer. The bluffs are nothing short of beautiful, and provide lots of trails and park/picnic areas to have a relaxing and fun day outdoors.

4. Hit up The Toronto Zoo

toronto zoo

Lions, and tigers, and bears, oh my! The Toronto Zoo is a great place to check out this summer. It’s for the animal lover in everyone, there are so many interesting animals to learn about and see.

5. Take a walk on the CN Tower glass floor

glass floor

If you’re from the city and have never had the chance to check out the CN Tower, I definitely recommend doing so! But even if you’re not from the city, The CN Tower is a great place to visit. Walking on the glass floors looking down at how high up you are is an exhilarating experience for sure.

6. Volunteer in a run downtown

charity run

By volunteering in a charity run you’re not only supporting a good cause, but you’re also guaranteed to have a lot of fun doing it! There’s always a bunch of charity events and volunteer runs happening in the city and most of the time they’re cheap to sign up and always for a good cause.

7. Try out some improv classes


Try out an improv class, just do it! You will definitely boost your confidence by doing so and are sure to make friends and have lots of laughs in the process.

8. Go camping with friends


Camping with friends or family is the ultimate way to combine both adventure and relaxation. Ontario has a variety of stunning parks to camp at and many things to do while you’re there.

9. Lay underneath the stars


This may seem like a simple thing to do but it’s one a lot of us never actually take the time to try out. Laying underneath the stars on a clear summer night will amaze you, I promise. You never realize how amazing are universe is until you really do so.

10. Go fishing


Going fishing takes patience but if you have the right kind of company with you, it’s a great way to pass the time.

11. Go for a hike


Hiking is an awesome past-time and fun thing to do in the hot summer months. There are great parks in and around the the city that you can explore and hike through.

12. Have a picnic in a park


There’s just something so nice about packing a delicious lunch and eating it in a park surrounded by beautiful scenery.

13. Take a road trip somewhere


With the right kind of company, scenery, and tunes, roadtrips can be very adventurous and fun. You never know where you might just end up along the way, and being in a car with the windows down on a beautiful day is always awesome.

14. Rent a canoe/kayak


Another adventurous thing to try out this summer is renting a kayak or canoe and taking it to the lake.

15. Visit Toronto Island

toronto island

Toronto Island is a must see. Right from the city, ferry boats are available to take to Toronto Island. Once you get to the island there’s plenty to see and do such as walk around, go biking, ride a small roller coaster, and eat food.

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