10 Last Minute Halloween Costumes

10 Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Halloween guys and gals is just around the corner. It’s winding down. You should have a costume idea by now but if you’re an avid procrastinator we don’t blame you. We got your back. Here are 10 last minute Halloween costume ideas.

mean girls

1. Cat

It’s cliche but so. Just put on some cat ears, dress and all black and walk around the party meowing.


2.  Bouncer/Spy/Agents of Shield

Dress up in all black put on some shades and wear a blue tooth ear piece and you can be a bouncer and or secret agent. Or wear a suit and claim you’re a part of The Agents of Shield.


3. Scarecrow

Well this is easy and thinking out of the box. You got everything to be a scarecrow in your closet most likely. Grab a pair of jeans, a pair of boots, a plaid shirt and a hat. Draw on your face and voila, you’re a scarecrow.


4.  50 Shades of Grey

Be literally 50 Shades of Grey by walking around with different shades of grey paint samples all over you. You’re sure to get a lot of laughs.


5. Lara Croft in Tomb Raider

Remember the video game from our childhood? You probably have a Tomb Raider costume in your closet and you don’t even know it. Grab a pair of brown shorts or pants and a white shirt and some combat boots. Put your hair into a ponytail and voila! You’re Tomb Raider, you’re welcome!

magic mike xxl

6. Magic Mike XXL Cast Member

Just don’t wear a shirt. Rock some jeans and walk around all night shaking your money maker and grab your friends and make it a group costume.


7. Dancing Girls Emoji

Dress up in all black put on a put on a black bow and bam you’re the dancing girls emoji.

8. Joel in Risky Business

White over-sized button up and white socks is all you need to make this costume happen. Most likely you have all these things in your closet.

zombie school girl

9. Zombie (insert last year’s costume)

Recycle last year’s costume and zombify it by adding some sick makeup and put a few tears in it.


10. Ghost

If you got nothing and you need a costume, just throw in the towel (or blanket) and be a ghost. It’s simple put a blanket over yourself and just go “boo” the entire night. People may get really amused or really annoyed either way you’ll be a hit.

We know dressing up might not be your thing. Your friend grabbed her costume in March and has been planning Halloween all year. These costumes will get you by, get you a few laughs and into most parties with a laugh. If you’re looking for parties to check out. Check out our Halloween Party round up part one and two.

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