10 Gifts to Treat Your Favorite People

The holiday season is upon us and ’tis the season to be jolly! It’s fun to see people’s faces when you give them a gift after mulling over and over about what to get said person. Here’s a bit on gift’spiration (we just made that word up) for the peeps who are stuck on what to get their favs.

 For the Foodie in Your Life


Don’t fret and get them some macarons from Colette Grand Cafe. They come in pretty colors and packages and your foodie friend will thank you.

For the Beauty Diva in Your Life

Sephora Beauty Bite Lipstick Duo $17

Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick Duo is a deluxe-size, double ended lipstick. It features a signature Amuse Bouche shade with a limited-edition, foiled top coat.

For the Star Wars Fan in Your Life:

Star Wars Salt & Pepper Shaker $34.99

Put a little flavor in your favorite’s life with these Star Wars Salt and Pepper Shaker.

For Your Caffeine Addict in Your Life


Tim Horton’s newest mugs are full of holiday cuteness and being that they’re a collector’s item. It’ll be very much appreciated.

For the Party Person in Your Life

Wheel of Shots $10

We all have that friend who doesn’t just throw parties but they are the party. This Wheel of Shots is totally for them.

For the Creative Spirit of Your Life:


We’re not sure why pineapples are in but they are and this decorative pineapple ornament is perfect for that person in your life who can’t help but to decorate something.

For The Rory to Your Lorelai


Gilmore Girls are in especially with that reboot situation. Travel down memory lane while watching new and old episodes and sipping out of these matching wine glasses with your best friend.

For The Tea Connoisseur in Your Life


Some peeps don’t prefer coffee and rather have a cup of tea to start their day. This antique teacup and saucer will make anyone feel super fancy.

For the Lose(r) in Your Life


Not that kind of loser…but we all have that one person in our life that loses their keys and or phones. This item is for them. They can take comfort that the TrackR is a Bluetooth device keeping track of their stuff so they don’t have to.

For the Selfie King/Queen in Your Life


Everyone loves the perfect selfie and Lumee is the perfect accessory to help you achieve selfie greatness.  This phone case has a light attached to it to give you perfect lighting every time. All you’re really missing is the mysterious fan to blow your hair around.

This is just ten things to get the wheels turning. What’s on your Christmas list?


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